One more of young drummer from Indonesia, Demas Narawangsa ..
Born in Jakarta on April 9, 1993 (18) was started music at 5,
but he did not immediately begin to play the drums,
but the piano.
At 6 he started his career at Drum.
Demas was taught by a teacher named Samboedi,
at 8 he received a scholarship from the music school Farabi.

Demas has won various championships, among others:
1st Place Winner in Indomusic Expo Drum Competition 2000 (General Category)
1st Place Winner in Yamaha Drums Competition 2002 (General Category)
The Best Drummer (New York) Asian Beat 2003
The Best Drummer (New York) Asian Beat 2004
The Best Foreign Contestant Singapore DrumFest 2008

Currently, Demas playing with senior musicians such as Indro Hardjodikoro, etc. ..
As the founder Kulkul and also Indonesian Youth Regeneration

Teddy Campbell

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Teddy Campbell, 24 February 1975. For over seven years, the incredible drummer, Teddy Campbell has been seen by jutaa n people through the biggest show in the world today, American Idol. He is a member forming a live band that plays an important role in making American Idol program became one of the most entertaining and most watched in the history of television. He is now probably the best drummer who appeared on TV many millions of Americans, even the world. Long before his debut on national TV networks, Teddy discovered his love of art drums by banging pots and pans her mother at age 3 years. This drummer grew up in Gospel music in Chicago, Illinois, when he played drums for the first time in a church at the age of 4 years, and to make informed choices since then.

Dave Weckl

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Dave Weckl was born on January 8, 1960.
He began playing drums at age 8 years.
A fusion drummer from America.
His name began to climb after joining Chick Corea Elektric Band and Acoustic Band. Dave Weckl including the drummer who most often receive the award, she entered in row 25 of the world’s best drummers of all time version of Modern Drummer.
For more info about Dave Weckl

Jakarta Drum School

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Drum Lessons places that I think is best at this time.

Located at Wisma Iskandarsyah Jl. Iskandarsyah Raya Kav. 12-14 Block C10 Kebayoran New South Jakarta, has a reliable teacher, such as: Rayendra Sunito, East Segara, Danny Yufisa, Taufan Goenarso, etc. ..

For More Info:

Add Account Facebook:

Phone : 021 – 723 5170





Rayendra Sunito (Parkdrive)

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Drums, electric bass, electric and acoustic guitar, back vocals

Rayendra Sunito was born on December 14, 1979. He decided to become a professional drummer when he was 17. After finishing at the International College of Music in Kuala Lumpur and the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Rayendra began working as a drummer in Jakarta. He has worked with Jeff Kashiwa, Glen Fredly, Rio Febrian, Ada Band, Andien, Tohpati, Humania and Idang Rasyidi.


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John Everett Otto (born March 22, 1977 in Jacksonville, Florida) is the drummer and an original member of the band Limp Bizkit.

Currently, Otto is clean from drugs. He lived in Marina del Rey, California, and was giving drum lessons for Star Education [1], but currently lives in Hollywood, California. He keeps in touch with the other members of Limp Bizkit, and will be joining them for the band’s next album.

Recently, John has shown fans his interest in rapping. Going by the name ‘Johnny Ottomatic’ he’s shown several songs on his MySpace, along with his rap group known as Sun Zoo, with fellow rapper L.A. Jay. John states that he doesn’t intend for it to get in the way of Limp Bizkit.[2]

On October 1, Otto stated that he is currently working on a solo album, and put a demo of the first song, “Apocalypse”, on his MySpace. Otto later revealed that his new project was in the form of a new group known as Stereochemix with the other members being Ceekay, DJ Apokalypze, Fin and Norm. The group recently unveiled their first music video on the website.

He is joining Scooter Ward formerly of Cold to play drums on his new project The Killer and the Star.

Joey Jordison

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Nama lahir

Nathan Jonas Jordison

Nama lain #1

26 April 1975 (umur 33)
Des Moines, Iowa, United States

Genre Nu metal
Horror punk
Glam rock
Extreme metal
Instrumen Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals
Tahun aktif 1995-Present
Perusahaan rekaman Roadrunner
Anal Blast
Roadrunner United
3 inches of blood
Situs web Slipknot website

Set Up Rock

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Setup rock

Setup rock ini hanya memindahkan tom 13 yang menggunakan kaki boom stand ke sisi kiri (sebelah hihat) sehingga anda mempunyai floor tom pada kiri dan kanan. Dengan mempunyai floor tom dikiri, anda akan dapat membuat patter-pattern menarik yang belum pernah anda lakukan sebelumnya. Chad Gracey (drummernya Live) mengunakan setup seperti ini.

Setup jazz

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Sekarang tom-tom 13 yang dipasang di kaki boom stand dan ditempatkan sejajar dengan floot tom 16 (usahakan menaruh tom 13 serendah mungkin dan sejajarkan dengan floor tom 16″).